What’s in a name?

April 18, 2011 § Leave a comment

Starting your own company is not for the weak. Once you get past all the paperwork and legal information, the real work begins. You have to give yourself a name, design a logo, determine if you want a website or a blog…or both and oh, don’t forget about Facebook, Twitter and all the other important social media sites important to establishing a brand. Gone are the days when listing a phone number in the yellow pages is enough to help drive people to a company. Bottom line – I was going to have to treat myself as a client and take my own advice of how to help build awareness…of me! And it all begins with the name.

So what’s in a name anyway? A lot! Naming your company is as important as naming your child and some cases, even more so. Any branding expert will tell you when selecting a good name for your company or product it should pass some simple tests: 1) easy to pronounce; 2) easy to spell; 3) easy to remember; and 4) easy to understand what the company or product does or offers.

Right away my last name was out. Through the years Haveson has had so many different spellings and pronunciations it may as well not be Haveson. My first name was out too for reasons including “Judy, Judy, Judy,” “Tootie, Fruity, Judy,” and of course, “Punch & Judy.” Obviously some childhood memories never fade!

I decided on the one trait I’ve always loved about my first name, the letter J…but not the uppercase J, the lowercase j. I’m a born doodler and for some reason it’s much more fun to draw a lowercase j than a capital J. I was never one for putting flowers or hearts for the dot above the letter, but I’ve always loved the curve the letter makes. So no matter what I decided, a lower case j was definitely going to be included. And of course, it had to be in purple, my signature color. A true independent color.

Next came deciding on public relations as part of the name. After all, it’s the field I’ve worked in for 20 years. Since I’m not looking to start the next big agency or firm, I wanted to pick a name that talked more to the individuality of what I’m trying to accomplish. So what is it that I do? Funny, my family and friends ask that question all the time too. I studied communications in college and I’m a media junkie who still gets excited when I see my client quoted. But how was I going to put all three parts together and make it easy to remember…and why was I making this so hard?!

Simple solution: jComm Media! The official name is jComm Media Consulting LLC, but that’s a mouthful in ordinary conversation. With jComm Media I get the lowercase j, it’s easy to pronounce and spell, and hopefully the name says exactly what I do: communications and media. By the way…public relations is essentially communications and media with a lot of extra stuff; another win, win!

So maybe it’s not as difficult as naming your child, but then again, I named my child something easy to pronounce, remember and spell. And funny enough, I also picked a name for him that starts with the letter J. Do you see a pattern?

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