This is why I started my own company!

June 21, 2011 § 8 Comments

Last week my family spent an awesome week of vacation in Florida, first in Key West and then on to the real vacation of Grammy taking care of Jack, morning, noon and night! While I had a relaxing week off, I was anxious to get back to work to start new projects and really get the business going. In addition, Jack was off to summer camp and that meant uninterrupted work time for me. Life is good.

One day of camp down for Jack, one productive day of work down for me. And then it happened: fever, chills, rash, red throat, swollen glands – SICK child! This was so not part of my plan. I have no doubt that the fast-moving beast that struck down my child came from another child whose parent decided no one would notice if their disease-infected child slipped into camp and spread the love. Note to that parent – karma is a bitch!

The good news is that as fast as this virus happened is as fast as I had Jack in to see the doctor to rule out anything worse, and then back home again to begin fever watch. And then it dawned on me; this is why I started my own company! No, not to take Jack to the doctor, but because I could take Jack to the doctor and not feel guilty or be afraid I was letting anyone down.

Meeting and managing client expectations is what helps drive successful business. When you work for yourself, it’s not just about client expectations; it’s about your own expectations too. I’ve never been in a situation where the only person I’ve had to answer to was myself. Strangely, when I had to run out to take Jack to the doctor today I still felt as if I had to email or call my boss. I guess I’ll always be a creature of habit.

Jack is hanging in there and will be on the mend soon (get well soon little man!), and I’m back to my productive schedule, having never missed a beat. Today I was a true working mom. Life is still good!

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