The Golf Kid!

May 30, 2012 § 1 Comment

It all started last summer when we were invited to the country club of some friends and Jack got the chance to “play” golf with their son. Since then he has taken two golf classes at school and can’t wait to take more. We even bought him his own kid-sized putter that he uses almost every day. He comes home from Golf class and talks endlessly about chip shots and full swings. Hey, it’s never too young to get your kids interested in Golf, right? It worked for Tiger, well at least the Golf part did.

However, to really understand how much Jack has taken to the sport of Golf is to hear what recently happened on our Memorial Day vacation to Boston. It was a normal bedtime routine of Jack refusing to go to sleep, but this time he asked if he could watch TV while he was in bed. He was sleeping on a roll-away bed in a separate room that happened to have a TV in it. While we initially said no, specifically because he wanted to watch Kung Fu Panda on HBO, we finally gave in when Jack announced he wanted to watch the Golf Channel! Now we’re not sure if it was the low tones of the golf announcer or if it’s because he was super tired, but two nights in a row he fell asleep in less than five minutes! Note to self…buy this child a TV for his bedroom at home that only plays the Golf Channel!

Who knows if this trend will continue or if this is just a passing fad, but I have no problem encouraging Jack to follow his current passion on the links. Of course, if he really does go on to become a Golf superstar I guess I’ll have to really work on not being that mother on the sidelines. But let’s face it, to know me is to know that’s probably not going to happen!


§ One Response to The Golf Kid!

  • Alysa says:

    Great story and so awesome to see a young person find a passion like this. Only time will tell but I hope it buys me a ticket to the Masters – I haven’t been to quite as many sporting events as you. LOL

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