A New Approach…

June 4, 2012 § Leave a comment

When I first started Judy’s Corner it was my hope that I’d write pithy posts about my journey as an independent communications and media consultant and I’d demonstrate to readers and potential clients that I, well, knew how to write. I also wanted to share my more than 20 years of knowledge and experience in the ever-changing world of communications through real-life examples along with my sharp wit and sarcastic sense of humor. But somewhere along the way, like most women, I changed my mind.

With my favorite writing subject!

Somehow writing about the latest social media tools and how to measure success in a communications program didn’t seem as fun to me as writing about being a 40-something mother and the trials and tribulations of raising my young son, while running a business, all in New York City. Strangely both areas require incredible amounts of strategic thinking and planning and with both, more often than not in the end you basically punt and do whatever it takes to reach your final goal. The main difference, of course, is a smiling little boy…well, most of the time.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still learning the latest and greatest in the world of communications and media and I still offer the same services and more to my clients. That will never change. Neither will my sarcastic tone. The only thing that’s changing direction is my blog. Now I know there are hundreds, probably thousands of Mommy Blogs, some of them are my favorites: The Mommy Blog, The Mogul Mom and Traveling Mom, to name a few. But I’m sure there are other 40-something work-at-home mothers raising young children that would enjoy my musings and share their thoughts, right?

In all honesty, as blogs go who really knows if anyone is actually reading them. So in the off chance you are following me (thank you!) I hope you stay in my corner and keep traveling with me along my 40-something journey of working motherhood, and share your occasional commentary along the way!



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